Our team proudly executed one of the most expansive continuous Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) manufacturing and installation projects to date. This ambitious endeavor involved the creation of a vast barrel ceiling, seamlessly incorporating a skylight that spanned the entire length of a prominent shopping mall. Spearheading the metalwork installation was Excel Bespoke Plaster, with the GRG components skillfully integrated using a wire and wad system.

The barrel ceiling, a hallmark of architectural finesse, represented a substantial undertaking in terms of both design complexity and sheer scale. The incorporation of a skylight along the entire length of the shopping mall not only flooded the space with natural light but also added a dynamic and airy atmosphere to the retail environment.

Excel Bespoke Plaster played a pivotal role in this project, taking charge of the intricate metalwork installations that formed the structural foundation for the GRG elements. The expertise of our team ensured the precise alignment and stability necessary to support the expansive and continuous GRG ceiling.

The GRG installation itself was a feat of craftsmanship, employing a wire and wad system to seamlessly affix the panels. This method not only facilitated a secure and durable installation but also allowed for a smooth and uninterrupted visual flow along the length of the shopping mall. The continuity of the GRG design contributed to the creation of a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment, enhancing the overall appeal of the retail space.

The successful completion of this project marked a milestone in the realm of GRG manufacturing and installation. The intricate interplay of design, engineering, and craftsmanship resulted in a stunning visual spectacle that showcased the possibilities of continuous GRG in creating expansive and breathtaking architectural features. The transformed shopping mall now stands as a testament to the capabilities of our team and the potential of innovative design and execution in elevating the retail experience.