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About us

Excel Bespoke Plaster Ltd has established itself as a premier provider of comprehensive plaster services, boasting a distinguished portfolio of projects spanning prestigious Grade I listed buildings like the Guildhall in York. Our expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, ranging from the meticulous restoration of lath and plaster ceilings and walls to the intricate replication and repair of run-in-situ moldings using time-honored techniques and materials.

Moreover, we stand at the forefront of innovation with our pioneering work in bespoke glass reinforcement gypsum (GRG) products tailored to our clients' exact specifications, particularly in commercial settings such as the monumental £1 billion Terminal 2 extension at Manchester Airport. Here, we successfully manufactured and installed over 600 linear meters of bespoke bulkheads, seamlessly integrating lighting and column details throughout.

Our team comprises highly skilled tradespeople dedicated to delivering nothing short of excellence in every facet of the plaster industry. Possessing the proficiency and acumen to tackle traditional plasterwork alongside the fabrication and installation of modern GRG designs, we offer clients the unique advantage of consolidating both aspects under one contractor, thereby mitigating interface issues and ensuring a flawless outcome to any project.

At Excel Bespoke Plaster Ltd, we prioritize client collaboration from inception to completion. Whether conducting meticulous plaster surveys on heritage properties or actively participating in client design meetings during the conceptual phase, our aim is to offer insights and innovative solutions leveraging the latest technologies in the plaster industry. By empowering clients to tap into our team's wealth of expertise early in their project journey, we instill confidence and facilitate the realization of truly spectacular results.

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    Modern Bespoke design grg

    Modern Bespoke Design GRG (Glass Reinforced Gypsum) revolutionizes architectural possibilities with its blend of strength and flexibility. Offering lightweight construction and intricate detailing, GRG empowers designers to create custom architectural elements that seamlessly integrate lighting and other features, defining spaces with sophistication and innovation.

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    traditional cornices

    Traditional cornices, cherished for their timeless elegance, adorn ceilings with grace and refinement. Crafted from materials like plaster or wood, they feature intricate designs that add architectural interest to any space. From simple profiles to ornate motifs, traditional cornices evoke a sense of heritage and craftsmanship, enhancing interior aesthetics.

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    heritage restoration

    Heritage restoration preserves the cultural legacy of historic structures, safeguarding their architectural integrity for future generations. Utilizing meticulous techniques and authentic materials, restoration experts revive aging buildings to their former glory. By honoring the past through meticulous craftsmanship, heritage restoration ensures these treasures remain vital parts of our collective history.

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    match existing service

    Matching existing service entails replicating the design and quality of existing architectural elements or finishes seamlessly. Whether restoring heritage buildings or expanding modern structures, skilled craftsmen meticulously analyze and reproduce the desired aesthetic, ensuring continuity and harmony with the surrounding environment while upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship and authenticity.

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    heritage plasterwork surveys

    Heritage plasterwork surveys meticulously assess the condition and historical significance of plaster elements in heritage buildings. Expert evaluators analyze materials, craftsmanship, and deterioration to develop restoration strategies. These surveys are essential for preserving architectural authenticity, guiding restoration efforts to maintain the integrity and charm of historical structures.

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    traditional line render

    Traditional line render, a time-honored plastering technique, enhances building facades with its smooth, textured finish. Applied in layers and hand-troweled to perfection, it provides durable weather protection while adding aesthetic appeal. This age-old method continues to be valued for its versatility, durability, and timeless charm in architectural applications.

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