The historical significance of the Grade II listed building, dating back to circa 1908, prompted a meticulous restoration effort, primarily driven by the deteriorating condition of its roof. The consequential water ingress inflicted extensive damage upon the intricate plaster ceilings adorning the first-floor rooms. Excel Bespoke Plaster Ltd, recognized for their expertise in bespoke plasterwork, assumed the critical task of not only assessing the damage but orchestrating a comprehensive restoration plan to revive the building to its former glory.

The restoration journey commenced with a thorough survey of the elaborate plaster ceilings throughout the town hall. This survey was instrumental in identifying areas in urgent need of attention. Subsequent recommendations were meticulously crafted to address the necessary repairs, aiming not only to rectify the damages but also to stabilize vulnerable sections of the ceiling, minimizing potential losses.

A crucial aspect of the restoration process involved the preservation of the building's heritage. Recognizing the significance of the plasterwork, Excel Bespoke Plaster Ltd implemented a strategic approach. Reference squeeze molds were taken of significant areas, capturing the intricate details before they were potentially lost forever. This preemptive measure facilitated the subsequent replication and reinstallation of these detailed plaster elements once the underlying timber supports were appropriately replaced.

The restoration efforts extended across multiple rooms, with a commitment to achieving a standard that surpassed expectations. The meticulous repairs ensured that observers, for years to come, would be greeted with an unquestionable authenticity, seamlessly blending the old with the renewed. The result is a series of rooms adorned with plasterwork so impeccably restored that one cannot discern between the original and the meticulously replicated sections.

Situated in the heart of the community, this beautiful building now stands as a symbol of preservation and legacy for generations to come. The restoration efforts by Excel Bespoke Plaster Ltd have not only rescued the architectural heritage of the Grade II listed building but have also left an indelible mark, ensuring that the intricate plasterworks continue to captivate and inspire all who pass through its hallowed halls.