Excel Bespoke Plaster Ltd played a pivotal role in the monumental £1 billion extension project at Manchester Airport, undertaking the manufacture and installation of large bespoke Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) bulkheads across the terminal's elevation. These bespoke elements were strategically integrated into various locations, seamlessly interfacing with lighting systems, fire prevention measures, and structural columns. The project unfolded under the oversight of the client and Laing O'Rourke, the tier 1 contractor, with a stringent program that demanded adherence to strict deadlines and uncompromising quality standards.

Our involvement was not just about meeting deadlines but ensuring that every aspect of the project adhered to the highest standards of craftsmanship and precision. The client's and contractor's scrutiny of quality was unwavering, and Excel Bespoke Plaster emerged as a beacon of excellence, delivering a high-end product that met and exceeded expectations.

The complexity of the project was compounded by the necessity to work within highly sensitive and secure areas of the airport. Navigating the logistical challenges posed by the airport's operational requirements, our team demonstrated exceptional skill and diligence to accomplish the tasks within the set parameters.

The scope of the project included the in-house manufacturing and on-site installation of over 1500 linear meters of bespoke-shaped GRG bulkheads, covering an expansive area of 3800 square meters. This was no small feat and required the coordinated efforts of our highly skilled tradespeople. The bespoke design and intricate detailing of the GRG bulkheads contributed not only to the visual appeal of the terminal but also to the overall functionality, integrating seamlessly with various systems and architectural elements.

The Terminal 2 Extension (T2X) project stands as a significant milestone for Excel Bespoke Plaster Ltd, a testament to our expertise in delivering large-scale, high-quality bespoke plasterwork in complex and secure environments. We take pride in having been part of this transformative project, and our team finds satisfaction in visiting T2X whenever they traverse through this terminal. The legacy of excellence and precision established in this project continues to contribute to the airport's aesthetic and functional enhancements.