The completion of Kendal Town Hall in 1827 marked the inception of an architectural gem, and in 2027, it underwent a transformative 4.9 million restoration and renovation, ushering it into the 21st century. This significant endeavor required substantial rearrangements of the workspaces, where our specialized skill set came into play to facilitate the opening up of lath and plaster ceilings, allowing for the installation of essential structural supports.

Our involvement in this intricate restoration project commenced with the meticulous process of raking reference moldings of the affected run in-situ cornice section. The delicate removal of sections of the ceiling followed, with utmost care taken to preserve significant areas. This initial phase set the stage for subsequent support works by other trades, during which structural enhancements and modern services were seamlessly integrated into the historical fabric of the building.

Once the necessary support works were completed, our team embarked on the meticulous task of closing the ceiling, employing traditional methods and materials to ensure a seamless transition between the old and the new. This phase demanded precision to maintain the structural integrity of the building while preserving its historical character.

A key aspect of our contribution was the replication of all moldings affected during the process. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to historical accuracy, our craftsmen recreated the intricate moldings that defined the aesthetics of the Town Hall centuries before. The reinstallation of these replicated moldings not only restored the original charm but also ensured that the modern support and services were seamlessly integrated, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and functionality.

The outcome of the restoration and renovation works was a Town Hall that not only embraced modernity in its structural enhancements but also retained the traditional look and feel that had been meticulously achieved centuries earlier. Kendal, already a stunning northern town, now boasts a beautifully refurbished centerpiece that stands as a testament to the successful marriage of historical preservation and contemporary utility. The meticulous efforts undertaken in this restoration project have not only preserved the architectural heritage of Kendal Town Hall but have also revitalized it for the enjoyment and appreciation of present and future generations.