The Grade I listed building, constructed in the 1780s by the fifth Duke of Devonshire in the Georgian spa town of Buxton, underwent a substantial and meticulous restoration project that spanned over two years. This architectural gem, with its historical significance, required a thoughtful and sympathetic approach to preserve as much of the original plasterwork as possible, while also integrating modern services. The collaboration with a conservation architect was instrumental in achieving a delicate balance between maintaining the building's authenticity and meeting contemporary standards for usability.

The restoration project presented a formidable challenge, given the extensive replication and restoration required for the ornate moldings throughout the building. The sheer scale of the endeavor, coupled with the necessity of working within a defined time frame for the plaster package, demanded a strategic and efficient approach. Careful consideration was given to the specification of materials, ensuring that the chosen components not only met the project's stringent requirements but also adhered to the time-tested traditions of plasterwork.

Particular attention was directed towards significant rooms within the crescent, with a focus on the meticulous repair of spaces such as the Blue room and the East staircase. These rooms boasted impressive ceiling moldings and cornices that required careful and sympathetic restoration. The objective was clear – to preserve the historical grandeur of these spaces without compromising on the authenticity of materials or methods. The restoration process was a testament to the unwavering commitment to maintaining the integrity of the original design.

No compromise was accepted when it came to utilizing traditional materials and methods. The dedication to authenticity extended to the finest details, ensuring that the restoration of the building reflected the craftsmanship of its era. The Blue room and East staircase, with their meticulously repaired ceiling moldings and cornices, emerged as showcases of the successful marriage between historical preservation and contemporary functionality.

The completion of this significant restoration project brought together some of the finest tradesmen of our time. Their expertise, combined with a shared commitment to breathing life back into this stunning building, resulted in a beautifully restored architectural masterpiece. The painstaking efforts of all involved ensured that the building stands not only as a testament to its historical roots but also as a place for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.